Why we are here: A letter from our CEO Jenna Pilgrim

September 8, 2021
Why we are here: A letter from our CEO Jenna Pilgrim

Welcome to Streambed!

In a year of social isolation imposed by a global pandemic, more than ever we crave community and collaboration. We want to see what others’ see, feel how they feel, and sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Throughout this crisis, the internet has fed that need. It offers a network of human ties without which our social fabric would crumble. Yet our dependence on it comes at a price, for it has further empowered the few dominant online platforms that define who gets to communicate what, with whom, and when.

That was the problem that united Michael Casey, Lance Koonce and I when we founded Streambed Media in 2018. We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted the company to be, only that it had to address the fundamental flaws in our overly siloed digital content economy.

After many iterations, we realized that the internet was missing a critical layer – the ability to immutably link people, their creative output, and reputations together online. That’s what we’re now building.


… is an engine for connected, authentic, and credible sharing. Relationships online matter. Endorsements and real human associations decide who is trustworthy and who is not, and lend credibility to important movements. From conferences to campaigns, we must link ourselves together to improve data integrity, combat fraud and defeat disinformation.

…. works with your current viewing habits. Streambed builds ties within and across social media platforms; it doesn’t disintermediate them. It is a tool that publishes to your social accounts on your behalf, but doesn’t change the viewing experience. Keep your YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, but use Streambed to push your content to these platforms while retaining visibility over the overall usage data.

… values engagement, not attention. Streambed assigns you a “Reverb” score based on your direct interactions with your audiences. It calculates the strength of users’ relationships with their connections, providing a more accurate measure of how much their network values their influence.. It’s less about attention (too often skewed toward “trending” topics by hidden algorithms), and more about real “engagement” with specific content of interest and value to those closest to viewers. You  choose what to associate with, and so do your favorite brands.

… recognizes and rewards contribution in its many forms. Speakers, sponsors, co-creators, agencies, producers, crew (and so many more) play a role in making your favorite content resonate and spread. Why should only publishers and platforms reap the reward?

is the beginning of immutable analytics. With a powerful indexing system, we publish the metadata of all content published through the tool. This secures you, your network and your reputation – creating powerful, cross-platform visualizations that provably show how linked versions of your videos travel across the Internet.

… gives brands the opportunity to sit at the ‘friends’ table. Today’s internet is powered by advertising, but no one wants to be ‘sold to.’ Streambed allows brands the opportunity to buy your analytics from you, based on the content you create while including the brands you love. We want to allow brands to play a non-intrusive, impactful role in the lives of those who opt to engage with them, not an overbearing, interruptive one.

We don’t have all the answers. But this, we believe, is a framework for a more equitable, collaborative layer to distribute value. We’re so glad you’re here.

Start linking today.


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