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NFTs For Social Content

Streambed makes it easy for creators

their social posts as NFTs, set terms for re-use and connect with brands, publishers or other creators who want to pay to license their NFTs.

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What is Streambed?

Streambed is a social tool for creators that allows anyone posting to social media 

their content as NFTs. Through a simple process, creators can assign rights to their content, giving them a say in how it is reused and repurposed.

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Streambed for NFT Marketplaces

Rights contracts for NFTs

License Streambed’s oracle solution for your NFT marketplace. The plugin is easily embedded into your NFT minting process, so creators can set IP rights associated with their NFTs.

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Streambed for Creators

Prove ownership, license content

Through Streambed’s social publishing tool, creators mint NFTs of their social posts, proving ownership over their content. The platform connects creators to others who want to license their NFTs, ensuring the content is used in accordance with the terms set by the original creator.

Streambed for Brands & Publishers

Original content from creators

Streambed Magnify is for brands and publishers who want to license NFTs of original content directly from creators. Brands and publishers pay creators through the app, verify IP rights and gain access to real-time analytics.

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